B-IT Support


For over 20 years Cecilia Burnette has been helping her clients, in their office or at home, to understand and overcome the problems we all experience from time to time with our IT systems.

Having previously held office management positions with large international companies, Cecilia saw the increasing need to provide bespoke tailored support and individual commitment across the ever-growing range of digitally based solutions. 

Whether your immediate problem is hardware or software, cloud or connectivity, Cecilia will work with you to clear away those IT demons.

What we do.. in brief

  • Supporting clients now running their own businesses but previously used to the assistance of the corporate IT helpdesk
  • Setting up and supporting home offices and networks
  • Help with things we would like to do but don't know where to start - or maybe we are just too fearful of where we would end up! 
  • Things that we would like to do better or things that we would like to do faster
  • Things that we would like to integrate and consolidate
  • Help with selection, procurement, installation, support and training