B-IT Support

Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Study 1

An Electrical Contracting company operating in Central London for various Housing Trusts had a requirement to automate their financial systems.  We created a bespoke book keeping and accounts program using MS Office.  After some basic training our client is able to:

  • Significantly reduce the time taken with administration and focus on the core business
  • Enter client data monthly which would in turn produce all financial reports, estimates and invoices
  • Forward quarterly figures to the company accountant for Government VAT and HMRC submissions

Case Study 2

A Property Development and Corporate Finance company based in central London asked us to classify and archive their staff MS Outlook files for their various projects and ventures.

We developed a procedure that automatically moves selected mail (all data over 1 year old) from the inbox to a separate secured mailbox which then provides a permanent record of historic messages available for all staff to access via the corporate network.

Case Study 3

A London home based First Aid Training company required us to add their new PC’s to the network, setup and synchronise their mail program for use by admin staff.

Case Study 4

An MD/CEO now retired client needed our help in switching from MS Windows based systems to Apple products and then networking all PC’s, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Printers and other peripherals. We were able to advise on equipment and assist with purchasing. We have tailored his systems so that whichever device he is working at is fully synchronised with the rest of the network and enables him to:

  • Input data once and access it across all devices
  • Automatically back up critical data such as family photos and videos
  • Send print jobs remotely from anywhere in the world

Case Study 5

About 5 years ago one of our eldest clients, a lady now in her nineties and completely new to computing, asked us to set up a simple system to enable her to communicate with her friends and family and to keep up to date with events at her local Church. After setting up her first PC and providing a course of hourly training sessions spread over 3 months, our client is now an adept internet surfer and emailer.

She has since moved on to a tablet and smart phone, which she loves! We now provide telephone and email support and remote assistance to her queries and problems.

Testimonial 1

For over 10 years I have relied on Cecilia to maintain my equipment and collate my company data. Cecilia has created a comprehensive set of programs that takes care of my client billing and statutory requirements, allowing me to focus on the running of my company.

Sean Vagges, S Vagges Electrical Ltd, Central London.

Testimonial 2

Cecilia has been our home-office systems specialist for over a decade and we seek her advice and support on all things IT. Cecilia has setup and maintained my office, adding to our network as and when needed.

Austin Bendall, South West London.

Testimonial 3

Cecilia successfully installs, upgrades and maintains the computer systems I need to run my business and accounts.

Phillipa Eastaugh, Chance Chair Company Ltd, South London.

Testimonial 4

I had always been very shy of using a computer but with Cecilia’s help, advice and a little training I am now able to run my PC and smart phone to communicate with friends and family far and wide.

Ann French, Central London.